Wolf is a gifted and brilliant teacher. Flexible and insightful, he welcomes all of us, ranging from 6 to 75+, sensitively adapting his teaching to our ages and other life circumstances. After more than 500 lessons, I still look forward to every one, finding them unfailingly contructive, engaging, and enjoyable.  As a bonus, I find listening to his young students as they mature over the years into confident, joyful, expressive cellists is captivating and inspiring. 

-Toni Pickard, cello student

Wolf is my cello teacher, and my only cello teacher! He is very well- respected in Kingston community. He is absolutely passionate about music and music teaching, his love for the music is evident in his enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. He made my lessons so fun and enjoyable, even with the hard work. He is not only my teacher, but also my friend and guide. He definitely is the best cello teacher ever! Thanks for imparting such valuable knowledge to me.

-Mia Wang, cello student

I have been a student of Wolf”s since 2012. He has not only been a teacher for me during this time, but also a mentor. His guidance has helped me develop as a musician and a person. He encourages me to strive for excellence, and pushes me to constantly improve. Wolf’s expertise in cello playing and teaching far surpasses that of other teachers I have had in different cities. His expertise is paralleled by his willingness to let all of his students express themselves individually in their music. I highly recommend him as a teacher.

-Lucas Olmstead, cello student

I have been very fortunate in being one of Wolf’s students which has included individual lessons in addition to being a member of cello quartets and cello orchestras under Wolf’s direction. Wolf’s love for playing and teaching the cello is infectious and always present as he inspires, motivates and challenges his students of all ages and levels of technical ability in an exceptionally sensitive, caring and personable fashion.  Wolf brings to his teaching an unwavering work ethic, energy, focus and razor-sharp attention to detail that is second to none.

-Terry Mauer , cello student

As a teacher, Wolf has been responsible for student sectionals and group master classes, and has established himself as one of our top pedagogues. The cello sections are always well prepared and the student feedback is that Wolf has high expectations but treats the students with respect and fairness. The students look forward to the challenges and guidance that he gives.

-Michael Ferguson, Music Director,
National Music Camp of Canada

Wolf Tormann is a gifted cellist and natural teacher. His enthusiasm for the instrument is infectious. Always prompt and reliable, always encouraging, he makes the whole experience pure joy.

-Margaret Sheppard, cello student

Wolf is an exceptional instructor and goes above and beyond in giving of himself to support his students. From helping me choose an instrument to offering practical and thoughtful guidance, to scheduling extra lessons for auditions and recitals, he is able to be with the whole student and encourage their unique strengths.

-Erika Nielsen, cellist

Wolf is an incredibly special person and teacher. He has a way of connecting with each of his students and moulding his teaching to fit their individual needs. He is incredibly sensitive and has an ability to tell instantly how his students are feeling. He is trustworthy, generous and extremely kind.

-Catherine Lukits, cellist