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Playing a musical instrument is about more than learning notes or how to hold a bow. Music has a powerful effect on your brain’s wiring, your mental health, and how you connect with the world. When you learn to play an instrument, you are learning about intonation, coordination, musicianship, creativity and teamwork.

The cello is the instrument that most closely resembles the human voice, with a four-octave range that gives you so much to explore. Anyone can learn to play this beautiful instrument – from young children to seniors. As a cello teacher, I teach  professional musicians, music students and amateurs interested in learning how to play cello. I give cello lessons in person in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and offer online cello lessons to children and adult learners.

I also conduct various groups, including the Queen’s University orchestra and the Queen’s Community Cello Orchestra, and coach chamber groups.

Take a look at my teaching philosophy and what my students and colleagues have said about my playing and my approach to working with my students. If you are interested, I invite you to contact me to talk about how we might make music together.

Upcoming events: Learn more about upcoming concerts for the Isabel String Quartet, the Queen’s University Orchestra and the Queen’s Community Cello Orchestra!

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